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PIEETS, a dynamic healthcare staffing solutions provider, is rapidly expanding and seeking individuals like you to be part of our team. We Are committed to delivering an outstanding experience for our clients, healthcare professionals, and staff. Our aim is to cultivate an internal atmosphere where employees feel both valued and respected. We believe that a thriving culture is integral to success, and at PIEETS, we take pride in organizing diverse internal events that foster a vibrant and energetic workplace. The PIEETS Team actively promotes a friendly and supportive environment, dedicated to nurturing personal and professional growth for each individual.

Our Available Jobs

PIEETS assists healthcare facilities in the recruitment and placement of permanent staff, helping to fill critical and ongoing positions within the organization.

Benefits at a Glace

​High Pay

At PIEETS, we believe in recognizing the true worth of healthcare professionals. We offer some of the highest pay packages in the industry, ensuring that both experienced travelers and those embarking on their first assignments receive the value they deserve on a weekly basis.

​Referral Bonuses​

In addition to competitive pay, we have two referral bonus programs. If you refer another healthcare professional, such as a nurse, respiratory therapist, hospital technician, or physician, you become eligible for our referral bonuses.


Upon joining the PIEETS Team, you gain immediate eligibility for benefits including, short-term disability, life insurance, and Paid-Time Off/Sick Leave. Our comprehensive health insurance coverage options, including medical, dental, and vision, extend to both employees and their families.

License And Certification Reimbursement​

For assignments requiring specific state licenses or certifications, PIEETS offers reimbursement for associated expenses. Our hassle-free and efficient process ensures that obtaining these requirements does not pose a financial burden for our travelers.

​Free Onboarding​

PIEETS takes pride in our streamlined onboarding process. From day 1, a dedicated Staffing Coordinator ensures a smooth compliance process. We cover the costs of onboarding requirements, prioritizing financial ease for our travelers as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

​Clinical Support​

Recognizing the importance of a supportive clinical team, PIEETS provides assistance for any clinical matters that may arise during an assignment. Our highly trained and qualified clinical professionals are passionate about the healthcare industry, ready to assist our field staff every step of the way.

Let's Get You On Board!

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PIEETS provides temporary healthcare staff to fill short-term vacancies or address seasonal demand, such as flu seasons or peak patient loads.

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